Steve O's Worst Day Points Proposal

Take the median number of riders per day and then, for each day, your Adjusted Points are your points in the old system (1 point per mile, 10 points per day for riding at least 1 mile) multiplied by 1.025^(median-[total number of riders today]). At this moment in time, the median number of riders is 0.

NOTE: This is calculated at the time you view the chart. This means that today's points will change as more people ride. If you are the first rider of the day, you will get literally a bajillion points (A sleaze ride of exactly one mile is worth almost 1500 points if you're the only rider of the day). As more people ride, your points go down.

RankRiderTeamMilesOld PointsAdjusted PointsBump %Days Ridden

The Freezing Saddles software is open-source (Apache 2.0 Licensed) and available on Github.
Inspired by the original scoreboard by ronwalf.

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