Every Day Riders - Day 78

The competiton for this year is complete after 78 days of riding!

If your name is green, you've ridden every day. Congratulations! πŸ† for you!

If your name is yellow or red, either you haven't ridden (see Rule 5) or you need to upload your rides.

Yellow means you are one ride shy of every day and you have not yet ridden today. ⚠️ Go ride today!

Red means you have missed a day, alas. Maybe next year you will be in the elite group of every day riders.

RiderDaysMilesEvery Day Rider?
Chris Watson784060.0 πŸ†
Kristen Hull πŸ‘š783622.1 πŸ†
Lee Goldberg783373.2 πŸ†
Steve S783029.0 πŸ†
Nigel Brockton782755.1 πŸ†
Danny Lesh782745.2 πŸ†
Pete πŸ¦₯ C782728.4 πŸ†
kris stein782570.8 πŸ†
Paul Wilson782452.6 πŸ†
Casey Kane782305.0 πŸ†
Rod Smith782165.8 πŸ†
Iain Gold782006.7 πŸ†
Nadine Beck πŸ‘š781820.7 πŸ†
David Pomeroy781790.5 πŸ†
Pablo Villegas781665.0 πŸ†
Timothy Prange781653.3 πŸ†
Serdar J781632.5 πŸ†
Cathy M πŸ‘š781585.8 πŸ†
Karen Hass πŸ‘š781442.9 πŸ†
Steven Masters781431.8 πŸ†
Eric T781387.6 πŸ†
Eric Shepard781385.8 πŸ†
jeff lemieux781362.4 πŸ†
Alan F781338.1 πŸ†
Joan Britt πŸ‘š781314.7 πŸ†
Kris Nessler781281.9 πŸ†
Andy Reiman781274.0 πŸ†
Dawn F781253.0 πŸ†
Sam Scruggs781213.5 πŸ†
Chris M781207.1 πŸ†
Komorebi L781167.5 πŸ†
Brian Miller781077.6 πŸ†
Adam 🎧781052.7 πŸ†
Laurie E.781050.6 πŸ†
Pedja Gudac781013.9 πŸ†
Brad Hancock78978.9 πŸ†
glenn β˜€οΈ √glenn78961.0 πŸ†
Jonathan Levine βš›οΈ78958.9 πŸ†
Rumi Matsuyama78924.3 πŸ†
Hussain Dhanani78884.8 πŸ†
Krista S78810.8 πŸ†
Shawn Nβ˜•πŸš²πŸΊFABB-bikes78802.0 πŸ†
Janet L78795.6 πŸ†
Eunju 😻78793.3 πŸ†
Jon Renaut78790.1 πŸ†
Lin De78716.0 πŸ†
Henry D78674.1 πŸ†
Sophie CW78659.3 πŸ†
Susan G78591.7 πŸ†
Andrea C78587.7 πŸ†
Lesly J78583.5 πŸ†
Olive Allen78578.1 πŸ†
Chris A78566.4 πŸ†
Jennifer S78465.1 πŸ†
Richard Bullington-McGuire78453.9 πŸ†
Catie D78289.5 πŸ†
Mrln πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ771510.3
Robyne McRey772683.4
Jessica Hirschhorn πŸ‘š772183.5
Laura R 🐧771514.0
Dan Behrend771408.9
Steve Bouchard771402.5
Jose Vargas771301.0
Ken Schwartz771076.6
April DeRome77967.0
Carol ✊77882.0
Bill B77746.8
Carol Abel77664.5
Jocelyn Jakubik77615.9
Eric Williams77358.2
Timmy D761034.5
Luis Filipe D751737.4
Dzhoy Z75613.3
Daniel Mahoney741422.9
Chadd Westhoff742221.2
Millie Tansill741048.4
George Tansill74773.3
Leslie TπŸ‘š731310.0
Steve Offutt731258.8
Chris Holden73930.8
Ken Notis73915.6
Mike Wolf72691.6
Benjamin Teller721484.5
Meaghan O'Connor72998.9
Jennifer πŸ‘š Weiss πŸ‘š72899.7
Gabriel Riggle71813.8
Christina Swartz712225.5
Chris Randall712115.2
Tajr H πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ711887.8
Marcy Kelley711307.9
Scott Binde703788.2
Jeff Tessin701486.4
Robin B70720.1
David Balick69540.7
Kathy R691472.3
Price Clark69600.3
Ken Buja68861.2
Bob Counts681334.9
Billy Hunke68985.2
der Bierpuncheur // GRVLR πŸ—672303.4
Dan Lucas67567.8
Peter Bell66480.2
Meaghan Holley66787.7
Shayna Sellars66436.3
Annmarie E65884.9
Luke Croushorn651304.9
Kelley West651203.6
Boomer Cycles🚴631162.0
David Jiangβ˜•63645.7
Debby Gebhardt611711.5
Christy Regenhardt61781.8
Judd L61808.6
Shira Gordon61649.1
Mary Dallao61360.2
Lynn Schoenfelder πŸ‘š601500.4
Will Stringer60617.7
Vanitha Raman60383.7
Alison Sigethy591418.7
Chris R59892.9
Luther Swift581675.4
Jeremy L56817.7
Beth DonahueπŸ‘š56740.6
Louis Kluger 🚡 πŸ₯ƒ56593.2
Alex S55390.0
Halima Ali55315.8
Barb🦩🌸 H551077.7
Joshua Hanson54382.5
Sam Provorse53598.2
J W53390.8
Carly Smith52484.2
Jeffrey Lovelace Jr52210.3
wigglebilly πŸͺ±51833.3
Matt Holmes βš›οΈ511311.8
Colin 🀠51816.7
Brooks Boliek501291.4
Bipin Badhe πŸ–50519.5
Alan Adams492071.1
claudia kostel49598.6
S T49333.5
Sharon F49532.4
Mallory Scott49369.7
Shanna S46123.3
Matt Rose45908.5
Jim B44605.2
Julie K πŸ‘š44471.1
Marg McBride44421.0
Gina πŸ¦†44342.7
Bridget Moix44284.3
Misha Marin431276.7
John C42545.2
H W41479.0
Susan Lengel41428.0
Nevada ☀40161.5
Char Miller40752.4
Greta Ann β€œGA” H39255.4
Marianne G39226.3
Evelyn Murcia39269.0
Andria Legon38220.7
Sam Watzman36284.4
Trevor DeLew36581.9
Parker Madison35579.6
Erin Deutschman35178.7
Tina Q34753.3
Tom Wyland33310.3
Matthew Firtion33106.6
Bobak Mansouri31975.2
Victoria Church31133.5
GUSSITO Sometimes Maybe Good, Sometimes Maybe πŸ’©31487.6
Matthew Birnbaum31466.6
Simca C30387.6
Brent Legum Levenson30413.0
Adriana S29226.4
Amos Tevelow27416.8
Andy Greenwood27246.9
Antelmo De Leon26290.3
Kevin Lavezzo25500.2
James Cooley25353.9
Pete D πŸš΄β€β™‚οΈβ›°οΈπŸ·22707.4
James Ruffin20264.7
Kevne Hull1731.9
Patrick Smith17186.1
Chris Maclin16256.3
Craig Dolley15358.4
Alex Taraboletti1387.5
Shana McDanold9110.0
Joan Bickelhaupt912.8
Select 5880.2
Glenn Stevens646.3
Mel L527.4
Jon Talotta342.9

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