Ride your tandem bike and tag the ride with #tandem. The rider who has the most tandem rides wins. Bonus points awarded for rides with a blind or visually impaired stoker (tag #tandemVI) or with a partner age 15 or under (#tandemchild).

See: https://www.bikearlingtonforum.com/forums/topic/pointless-prize-tandem-rides-2/

Sponsored by NoVaNoobGA.

RankPlayer#tandem Rides#tandem Distance
1 Steve Offutt 25 472.6
2 Lucy McCauley 22 427.2
3 Jo M 🐢 7 81.6
4 Shira Gordon 6 85.7
5 ricky d 6 74.0
6 Greta Ann “GA” Herin 🧠👩‍🔬 2 18.9

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Inspired by the original scoreboard by ronwalf.

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