Pointless Kids

Leaderboard for pointless kids

When you ride with your kids (that is, they are riding with you on their own bikes), tag your ride #withkid[kid codename] and they'll show up here. If you ride with multiple kids at once, multiple hashtags are supported. Keep it consistent and make your name unique. For example, jrenaut's kids are gremlin1 and gremlin2, so when he rides with one or both of them, he adds #withkidgremlin1 or #withkidgremlin2, as appropriate. Keep in mind if you ride with another BAFS parcipant AND your kid, make sure only one of you tags the kid, or else the miles will be double counted.

Questions can go to the forum post for the prize

RankPointless KidDistance
1 jack 294.4
2 gremlin1 235.0
3 gremlin2 144.9
4 Hufflepuff 119.2
5 Gryffindor 93.5
6 diamondg 48.6
7 flashh 45.7
8 SpeedDemonC 16.6
9 MagicFlame 16.6
10 andrew 10.7
11 1 8.8
12 Potter 3.5
13 Luchidora 2.7
14 Maticola 2.7